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What the Clients Say ...

Lorraine S: "I met Lorraine when I joined her excellent Qigone session, which I can definitely recommend!
Like so many, I have been struggling with the complexities of family life which was taking its toll.
Having had many treatments over the years, some therapeutic and others for the sheer bliss of escape for a short while, I can honestly say Lorraine’s therapeutic massage was truly amazing. I would recommend the initial consultation if you are seeing Lorraine for the first time.
On the day following my treatment I felt calm and energised and able to focus on the challenges of life without feeling overwhelmed. I shall definitely be seeing Lorraine again."

Tracy-Anne B: "A brilliant first (and it will not be the last session!) with Lorraine at The Healing Tree. I have never had reflexology before. Lorraine put me at ease, and after the consultation discussions and questions, she got to work. And it was brilliant. Highly recommend Lorraine."

Juliet W: "*Aaahhhh* - A huge thank you to Lorraine for a wonderful warm, nurturing massage this morning. I have not had a massage for a while so was especially looking forward to some TLC. Lorraine listens carefully to both what her client is saying and what their body is telling her as well. Which is the true talent of a massage therapist."

Alison L: "I saw Lorraine for the first time on Tuesday after feeling like I was going to have a total meltdown due to being overwhelmed with work and family. After chatting for an hour and then an hour reflexology, I felt some of the pressure lifting and felt stronger to deal with life. I cannot wait to see her again and start finding me again"

Tammy W: "I went to see Lorraine after some stressful incidents and am feeling so much better after our first session.
This is a journey and self care is an essential part that we need to look after ourselves.
Amazing results. Luxurious experience"

Sian E: "Lorraine is amazing. She has really helped me through some horrid times with my emotional turmoil this year. You all need a Lorraine in your lives!!"

Vanessa V: "Lorraine was very kind, caring and professional and based my treatment on what would most benefit me. I came away from the session feeling calm and relaxed and slept very well in the nights following my treatment. I am already looking forward to the next one! Thank you Lorraine!"

Penny E: "I'd like to say how friendly, but also how very professional you are. Thank you so much for for helping me to feel myself again."

Janne R: "My first consultation and session with Lorraine was great. I felt listened to with no judgement. The focus was on my history but what I wanted to work on in the present. The reflexology treatment was also fabulous, I didn't want it to end. My lower legs and feet felt relaxed for days. I'm looking forward to our next booking."

Michelle M: "Lorraine is very kind and friendly but professional. I felt at ease in her company and the treatment was very nice and relaxing. I felt the energy moving around my body which gave me great comfort. I would definitely recommend Lorraine and The Healing Tree for what ever your needs may be x."

Kirsty S: "I've had 2 sessions with Lorraine, after each my wellbeing has greatly benefited. So much so that after my first session I slept all night, for the first time in 3 months. I can really recommend The Healing Tree, it's helped me so much after only 2 sessions, I'm looking forward to continuing my wellbeing journey with Lorraine."

Sarah L: "Lorraine was incredible from the get go and when I saw she was offering 'The 100' session, I was so happy and my appointment couldn't have come at a better time. I was riddled with anxiety for the week beforehand, and by the end of my session (I know it's cliche) I felt 10x better and walked out as the real me. This session left me feeling light and worry free. Lorraine was so accommodating and checking in regularly to make sure I was OK. I couldn't ask for someone better to have my healing sessions with. If you are unsure whether you should do it or whether it'll help, do it because it will. It is worth every single penny and more ❤"

Helen T: "Reiki had come recommended and I was curious to find out more. After a culmination of life events, I arranged a session with Lorraine, then booked a course. Each week, she listened and offered some wise words and encouragement in a relaxed and friendly space. Over the course, I believe it helped me release my anguish and let go of things I was holding onto, so I could find peace. Highly recommended"

Helen C: "I have enjoyed and benefited from several treatments with Lorraine. She is a brilliant practitioner and I always leave her treatment room feeling restored and uplifted. Yesterday I was treated to Lorraine’s new combo treatment: 'The 100'. It was blissful! The variety of massage, reflexology and facial soon had me dozing happily. I felt more relaxed than I have in months.
I highly recommend Lorraine as a therapist. I highly recommend The 100 as a treat."

Lauren W: "Lorraine was warm, friendly and professional from consultation to treatment and it was a real pleasure to have her treat myself and my Partner. We both felt more relaxed and at peace after our Reiki treatment and would definitely return to her in the future.
She showed a great deal of care and compassion towards us and seems to be an expert in her field. Thank you Lorraine! LW Xx"

PG: "... Thank you so much for your constant help and guidance on my journey to find balance and peace regarding this entire situation. I am so grateful for you! ..."

FJ: "... All in all, I wanted to say a massive thank you to you because, since seeing you at the beginning of August, I have felt my self growth and confidence grow at a much faster rate than it has at any other point in the year and you have helped me massively - especially in the aspect of positivity! Thank you again and I couldn't have gone through these last few months (especially in winter) without you! Thank you again ..."

Kim D: "Lorraine has a beautiful soul, with a healing touch. Lorraine has helped me get in touch with my body and helped me to move towards a happier & healthier approach to life. Visit Lorraine and prepare to be transported to a place of peace and relaxation and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your day/week"

Helen C: "I have had several different treatments with Lorraine - reflexology, massage, reiki - and I would absolutely recommend her. Consultation is thorough and treatments first class. I always feel relaxed and comfortable during and after treatment and the healing goes on in the following days. Lorraine is a first class professional who feels like a trusted friend. Looking forward to my next treatment."

Joni C: "Seeing Lorraine is one of the highlights of my month! I have always struggled to commit to regular sessions, seeing massage as a treat saved for special occasions. However the first time I met Lorraine I knew I'd found someone special and that regular visits would make a difference to my life. Without a doubt it has been so beneficial to my mental and physical well being! As a full time working mum of 2, my time with Lorraine is like a sanctuary in a crazy paced world. I always feel relaxed and recharged afterwards, ready to crack on with the madness again (whilst counting down the weeks till the next time!)"

Emily L: "I wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me these past 12 months. Your support has made a huge difference in helping me through my teacher training. I'm pleased to have made it to a point where I can be more independent and self-confident in my teaching role."

Emma T: "I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Lorraine and having an amazing treatment at The Healing Tree. After the initial consultation we agreed the best therapy for me would be a combination of Reiki and Reflexology. The Reiki element was absolutely amazing and I had a truly remarkable experience, very emotional but left feeling uplifted, released and clear to continue with the stresses of life. The reflexology was an added bonus . I would definitely recommend and will definitely be returning to try more of the many and varied therapies. Thank you again Lorraine"

Lisa B: "I really enjoyed the whole experience with Lorraine. The consultation was very thorough with some very useful tips and the massage was amazing, so relaxing, I'm looking forward to booking my next appointment. Thank you Lorraine!"

Emma P: "I went to see Lorraine for Life Coaching when I was struggling to find balance in my life. Lorraine helped me to explore my purpose and ideas for achieving it. She then supported me to create an action plan and to build my confidence to make some major changes to my life. I have not looked back since and have achieved even more than I ever imagined I would. Lorraine is calm, supportive and listens and I would recommend working with her."

Norman N: "After yet another wonderful treatment from the lovely Lorraine at the Healing Tree I thought it would be good to leave a positive review so that others may have the opportunity to enjoy a similar experience. Today I had Reiki for the first time having had massages and reflexology previously. Not really sure how this works but I know it did and I felt fantastic afterwards and still do now! Such a great experience, highly recommended. Lorraine is wonderful and so are her treatments and I always feel a sense of calmness and relaxation after seeing her."

Gemma N: "I love going to see Lorraine at The Healing Tree!! She is highly knowledgeable, takes the time to get to know you and what is going on for you and you can tell she genuinely cares and takes a great deal of pride in what she does. So far I have had the back neck and shoulder massage, reflexology and an Indian Head massage. All were fabulous!"

Kate K: "Thank you so much for the Dien Chan Zone treatment on Friday! . At every appointment you really tune into what I need at the time and this week you really hit the spot. Having suffered from dizziness and nausea for a couple of weeks I was in great need of some relaxation. Not only was I completely relaxed after the session but I have noticed that the dizziness and nausea has calmed down substantially. You have the art of targeting exactly what I need and you definitely have healing hands. As always I'm looking forward to my next appointment already!"

Michelle D: "Looking for some help with bringing balance and some 'me time' into your everyday life, then don't hesitate to contact Lorraine at The Healing Tree. I have had 4 fabulous sessions with Lorraine, so far centred around helping me to take some time out, talk about my work/life balance and completely enjoy fabulous facial and feet reflexology and magnificent back massages. I 100% recommend Lorraine as she is a warm and engaging professional who welcomes you as if she has known you for a very long time. I felt instantly relaxed with Lorraine and have not looked back since starting treatments. She is the perfect reason to get out of work on time to get to my mid-week therapy treat. Thanks Lorraine."

Julie M: "I felt so much better after your appointment ... I feel really lucky to have you support me."

Vanessa O: "Great service from Lorraine who is very knowledgeable and professional. Lovely relaxing experience each time I visit
Thank you Lorriane."

Penny L: "I am so glad I found The Healing Tree, it’s a little piece of my time in a very busy schedule / life. I thought I’d never find what I needed therapy wise but I look forward to each appointment here knowing how good it will make me feel...and that someone is listening and enthusiastic to help with my issues. I’d recommend using The Healing Tree without a doubt and I do tell people about it. It’s just so therapeutic."

Marcin C: "I just wanted to say big thank you to Lorraine Prescott. It has been an amazing experience. Combination of Reiki and reflexology has left me feeling deeply relaxed. Her work with Chakras was beyond my expectation. I recommend Lorraine Prescott for an unforgettable positive experience. Thank you :)"

Jane R: "Lorraine was so lovely and clearly very knowledgeable. My massage was fabulous, already looking forward to the next appointment."

Mandy W: "Just had my very first reflexology session. What have I been missing all my life! It was amazing. Thank you Lorraine I will definitely be back"

Rebecca G: "Lorraine has an holistic approach to your treatment. Where possible she tailors a treatment to your needs.
There is something for everyone. I would highly recommend Lorraine’s Reiki - the most relaxing and peaceful hour that I’ve had in a very long time!"

Elisa F: "Morning Lorraine, aka healing angel ... well I have woken up this morning being able to breathe and, touch wood, no dizziness at all!!! Feel so much better, thank you, thank you - you really are amazing."

Andrea McN: "First class customer service. Lorraine adjusted my usual treatment to address my painful sinuses which I'd had since before Christmas. She contacted me the following day to check up on me and remind me of the after care advice she'd given the day before.
After feeling totally rubbish for the last 6 weeks I feel finally that I'm on the mend. Amazing results."

Lisa M: "I have been seeing the lovely Lorraine for a number of months. Firstly, my shoulder has never felt so good and secondly, and most importantly, I have never had a bad experience. Quite the opposite. Lorraine is professional but friendly. Warm and welcoming. Honest and kind. I can truthfully say that this is such a special place to go to. Even if you haven’t got one single ache, just go for some down time and you won’t regret it."

Kim J: "I cannot recommend Lorraine and The Healing Tree highly enough. Such a warm, caring, friendly and professional lady. I booked in for reflexology on Tuesday this week to have a pamper session following surgery. Lorraine put me at ease straight away and it felt more like I was chatting to an old friend rather than someone I’d just met. Lorraine started with a detailed medical check. I mentioned I had various aches and pains in my lower back, knees and ankles. So as well as an overall treatment, she targeted those areas. Well, the reflexology treatment was amazing, super relaxing and, afterwards, not only my back but my knees felt looser. I slept soundly that night and woke up to no ankle pain and a lower back and knees that still felt looser. Roll on my next session! Thank you so much Lorraine - so lovely to meet you and I’m looking forward to working my way through all the different treatments you offer 😊
P.S. If you ever need a case study to trial out treatments I’m in! Kim"

Richard K: "I went to The Healing Tree after taking part in a 19 mile run. Lorraine was amazing at listening to what I wanted to get from the massage and tailored it accordingly. I woke up the next day so revitalised after the best night sleep in a long time! I would not hesitate in recommending The Healing Tree to everyone!!"

Jo-Anne McC: "Amazing!!! Felt like a new woman. Lorraine is so welcoming and makes you feel at ease. She must have a magic touch!!! A must if you need attention to any issues or just for a pamper!!!"

Jaydene C: "Had the best pregnancy massage with Lorraine. She is so lovely and makes you feel relaxed and chilled. Can’t recommend her enough!!"

Susan R: "I have been seeing Lorraine at the Healing Tree for facial massages since December 2017. I had disturbed sleep and was feeling very tired, stressed and generally run down. My time spent with Lorraine is like an oasis of calm and tranquility in my hectic life. I have (several times) fallen asleep during treatments! Lorraine is very professional and takes a detailed health history prior to treatment, which is updated at each visit. I have very sensitive skin and am unable to tolerate perfumed oils. Lorraine was able to provide an oil which has no detrimental effects to my skin. The overall appearance of my skin has improved. I am now sleeping much better and feel less stressed. You have a client forever Lorraine!"

Peter N: "I found this lovely lady, using a google search for a bamboo massage, I have only found this on cruise ships so far. Being a trained masseur I am very fussy when it comes to a massage treatment, but have to give Lorraine 10/10 for her welcome, friendliness and professionalism! The treatment began with a nice chat going through medical history and wellbeing etc. which then led to the treatment, which was given in a nice room with good background relaxation music. The Bamboo treatment (one of my favourites) was well done and resulted in my whole body feeling loose and relaxed for several days after which was a surprise, even to me, as I was still doing some work in my garden which should have had my muscles aching! All in all a great treatment and I would recommend this lady to anyone! I now look forward to when I can afford to fit in another treatment."

Aaron B: "I had the best game of football I've had for weeks on Tuesday night, in terms of energy, flexibility and recovery! So thank you very much!"

Louise R: "Just had my first session with Lorraine which was a gift from family. A very lovely a relaxing therapeutic body massage. Been increasing my exercise recently so my body was very thankful for this! Looking forward to booking another session, possibly reflexology."

Alice G: "Lorraine, thank you for the professional and knowledgeable input that you have already had over my first three sessions to address my severe migraines and back pain. Your reflexology has left me feeling deeply relaxed and better balanced and I always have a better night's sleep. My first session of Reiki with you was really interesting since I felt 'shifting' sensations and I really feel that I will benefit from future sessions with you. Thank you for your patience and healing hands."

Lisa F: "Cannot speak highly enough of Lorraine, she came to my home to help my rescued greyhounds using reiki healing. My Skippy was anxious and scared of most things. He used to whine and pace around. Lorraine picked up instantly without me telling her what was wrong. It was very emotional to watch his response to healing, he was very wary and then settled near Lorraine. Lorraine was very calm and very informative, she also conducted distant healing. Now 4 months on and Skippy is a different dog, he is confident, no more whining and he now knows he is safe and loved.
I can't thank Lorraine enough for helping Skippy. If you have an anxious reactive dog then Lorraine can help. She has worked miracles with my three and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you need help with stress and anxiety with your animals xx Thank you Lorraine xx"

Caroline W: "Treatment with Lorraine is a truly great experience. I feel so much better after my reflexology."

Jodie S: "I have been to the healing tree twice now and each time I have felt so relaxed and at ease. I love how knowledgeable Lorraine is and how she tailors my massages to suit my needs to concentrate more on areas where I have had pain. I always feel amazing after and would highly recommend. Looking forward to booking in again!"

Janna B: "Lovely massage, really sorted out my shoulder and put me at ease from the moment I stepped in the door. Would definitely recommend, thank you."

Laura L: "Had wonderful Facial Reflexology treatment with Lorraine. So relaxing - and my husband remarked on how glowing my skin looked afterwards! It really helped clear my sinuses too following a recent cold."

Elise J: "Lorraine is amazing, she put me at ease as soon as we sat down at the first reflexology session and always explains everything she is going to do in our sessions. The reflexology has really helped with some health issues and I always look forward to my appointment."

Kelly M: "Book now. Do it. You won't regret it. Lorraine is fantastic!"

Helen E: "I have been having treatments with Lorraine since April and I come away from every session feeling totally chilled out. I love the facial treatments - besides looking less wrinkled, the experience is extremely relaxing."

Julie B: "Hi Lorraine, I just want to say thank you for a great massage. John feels great and I have just run 6 miles with no problem. Back seems great. We will be booking again. See you soon."

Amy R: "Had a lovely afternoon on Saturday of reiki and reflexology with my mum and sister for a surprise treat for my mum's birthday.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the treatments and would highly recommend. We will be back! Thanks Lorraine it was perfect, we will see you again!"

Andrea M: "Lorraine hits the spot...and the knots! I'm left walking on clouds."

Angela M: "I highly recommend The Healing Tree and Lorraine. I was working in Maidstone and it was long hours and high pressure - I went to The Healing Tree for a massage and reflexology. Both were amazing and did the trick! It was a comfortable and relaxing environment and it was great to have the space to re-energise.

As a woman staying alone in a strange town you are particularly careful, but I can say Lorraine is very warm and welcoming and I felt completely at ease."

Amy N: "Wowee, genuinely the BEST massage and service I've ever had. What I like the most about it was the fact that I was massaged in areas of my back that I didn't even know NEEDED massaging. Lorraine was very professional at all times, and made me feel comfortable from the minute I walked in. It was a very different experience from other massages I've had, as Lorraine checked up on me the next day to see how I was feeling and I came away feeling as light as a feather. I'd highly recommend The Healing Tree, and as soon as I get the time, I'll be booking another appointment."

Claire H: "Excellent treatment by Lorraine. She listens to your needs and bespokes your treatment accordingly. Highly recommended."

Lisa S: "A very relaxing atmosphere. A superb massage which was needed after a sports event. I will certainly be making further appointments."

Emma C: "Best massage I have experienced! Felt very tailored to my issues rather than just following a routine or pattern. Lorraine is very knowledgeable and put me straight at ease. I will return for another treatment."

Chris B: "I have always used massage to help me with my physical and mental stress levels. I have tried a number of therapists over the years and found that the treatment Lorraine provided suited me perfectly. I found her to be very intuitive and apply just the right amount of pressure which was very effective in reducing my tension levels and allowing me to completely relax.

Lorraine is a highly skilled therapist and I highly recommend the treatment she provides."

Karen C: "I have been visiting Lorraine for a number of years.

She makes you feel at ease, she will discuss any problems you are having and will conduct the massage session to suit.

Lorraine always relieves any tight knots I have in my shoulders and back and also provides a very relaxing environment.

Lorraine is the best Massage Therapist I have come across and I would have no reservations recommending her."

Ian P: "I found the treatments therapeutic and relaxing in a calm atmosphere and professionally performed by a therapist who had time to listen and advise."

Sam P: "...Lorraine also welcomed in our cat during my massage session (he had followed me around to Lorraine's house!). Who else but [you] would do that!"

Darren H: "I run as a hobby and Lorraine has helped me on several occasions. I have had aches and pains in my legs and her treatment has helped alleviate the problems. I would recommend Lorraine without hesitation."

Laura P: "I met Lorraine when I was having CBT training at Reconnect (a service which helps trauma victims). For months, I refused to have the massage on offer...and then I met Lorraine and felt so at ease. I also continued to have treatments privately when I finished the training at Reconnect.

Lorraine is a lovely lady who is very good at her job. You lucky people in Kent...I'm so upset that she's moved from Bedfordshire. Enjoy your treatments!"

Simon B: "I would like to recommend the services provided by Lorraine of The Healing Tree. I have just (sadly) finished a batch of weekly massage therapy sessions with Lorraine, which were prescribed to help me with my depression/anxiety/stress disorders and to help me at my time of bereavement.

I found Lorraine to be very pleasant and friendly and the massage therapy I received was extremely calming and relaxing and allowed me to get at least one night's good sleep (a valuable commodity in these hectic times!).

Well done and thank you to Lorraine!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone."

Feedback following two Equine therapy sessions:

"I found the experience for both me and my horse confidence building for our partnership. It showed how my life, and events which had affected me, also affected him – and brought me my old horse back."

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