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Lava Shell Rescue - What Is It?

Lava Shell Rescue Massage is a combination of deep tissue massage using hot Lava Shells to relax muscles and cool Glacial Shells to reduce inflammation. The LavaGel sachets inserted into the shells contain natural ingredients which are non-toxic and biodegradable (see below for details of ingredients).

Applying a blend of deep tissue massage and trigger point work, combined with soothing massage strokes and the application of glacial shells, this is the perfect massage for muscular conditions. The specialised deep tissue massage techniques target trigger points in muscles which are responsible for tension and referred pain. Tight muscle tissue is due to the natural defence process of the body to prevent further muscle injury/damage taking place. Lava Shell Rescue is used to assist pain relief and reduce muscle spasm on overuse injuries. Alternating between hot and cold will cause the blood vessels to alternate between constriction and dilation. The end result will be a dramatic increase in circulation to the area being treated.

Your treatment will be tailored to suit your individual needs and leave you feeling invigorated, muscles will be relaxed and aches and pains will be significantly reduced.

Lava Shell Rescue. Lava Shell man

Who Can It Help?

The perfect treatment to help with inflammation caused by day-to-day stresses and strains or sports-related injuries.

The application of the Glacial Shell will conduct heat away from the superficial and deep tissues of the body, which will result in a reduction in body temperature. The immediate skin surface will reduce in temperature rapidly, but the deeper tissues will decrease slower and will continue to decrease even after the shell has been removed from the area being treated.

It is the ideal massage for treating fitness-related aches and pains, as the specialised deep tissue massage techniques target trigger points in muscles which are responsible for tension and referred pain.

Physiological effects of cooling the body's tissues are:

  • Decreases local metabolism - the amount of oxygen to the area is reduced, therefore any damaged cells will die
  • Vasoconstriction - reduction of blood flow will lessen internal bleeding which will reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Induces anaesthesia - reducing the pain within a muscle
  • Decreases muscle spasm - a decrease of nerve transmission enables the muscles to relax , thereby increasing flexibility and range of movement
  • Decreases the inflammatory response - reduces the effects of histamine
See Lava Shell Relax for physiological effects of warming the body's tissues.

What to Expect During a Lava Rescue Session?

Lava Shell Rescue combines heat from Lava Shells and manual manipulation of the muscles, together with the application of cool Glacial Shells, enabling a deeper massage to be performed.

The massage takes place on the massage couch and both Lava Shells and Glacial Shells are heated and chilled with a sachet containing a blend of food grade minerals inside.

The ingredients contained within the Hot Lava Shell sachet are magnesium, iron, sea kelp, marine algae, lava rock and lava gel. This is then activated with a saline solution (also containing lavender oil) causing an exothermic reaction. The ingredients contained within the Glacial Shell sachet are sea kelp, marine algae and lava gel. Added to this is the liquid activator, containing purified water.

A choice of nourishing massage oils or wax-based product is used and will be discussed prior to the start of your treatment. The massage oil/wax enables me to provide a free-flowing massage and work into areas of tension. Towels are carefully placed to ensure your modesty and keep you warm and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Lava Shell Rescue can be tailored to your needs for a truly therapeutic and beneficial 60 or 90 minute session.

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